If you:

  • do one or more of the actions listed below, and/or
  • you commit to pick up at least one piece of plastic (at least weekly) in your usual routine going to work, the cafe, school or other places,

then this is for you - get onboard and together let's make the world a little more sustainable.

Why? People share all types of information on Facebook etc. - it's a bit like that, but this is a cool place to share and care about our environment.  Importantly - the more people who register, the more other people will notice and follow your lead - that has extra value in the early days of this platform growing.

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Do any one or more of these and you are in:

I commit to pick up at least one piece of plastic weekly in my usual routine going to work, the cafe, school or other places.
I take all reasonable steps to recycle plastic and other waste.
I avoid single-use plastic bags wherever possible and try to repurpose the occasional ones I do get.
I have reusable bags ready for shopping trips.
I have a reusable water bottle and use it rather than buying water in plastic bottles.
Most of the time I take my own cup for take away coffee.
I ask for non-plastic drinking straws or say none at all.
When eating out or take away, I try to avoid food in polystyrene/Styrofoam containers, plastic cutlery, plates or lids.
I try to support cafes, hotels and other businesses that are taking steps to be more sustainable.
I usually bring my own lunch to work in reusable containers.
We eat leftovers the next day and or make new dishes with them and/or produce that is starting to age - so less food goes to waste.
I prefer only small amounts of meat in my diet and if I choose seafood, I buy the most sustainable options.
At restaurants, I try not to overorder and leave waste - becuse I can order more if I am still hungry.
I am a vegetarian or a vegan
When buying groceries and produce I look for those with least packaging and where practical I buy in bulk.
I compost my kitchen scraps or save them for a friend or neighbour who composts.
Where practical I walk, cycle, use public transport or car share to destinations.
As best I can I choose long lasting products even if they cost a little more. I also prefer the most energy efficient option and where practical non-plastic products, such as wooden cloths pegs.
We wait to do laundry until we have full loads and I do most loads in cold water.
I use old cloths and linen as wash cloths and dust rags - rather than buying new material.
Instead of plastic wraps I have reusable wax wraps.
I turn off the water when brushing my teeth, lathering my hands, and shaving.
At least yearly I check my clothes and send unwanted items to the secondhand shop so others can value them. I do the same in the kitchen, garage and garden shed.
Most of my lighting at home is now LED.
I choose the highest practical energy-saving settings on my electronic equipment.
When buying products, if possible, I consider, Is it fair trade? Is it free of modern slavery and child labour?
With household heating and cooling we use it a little possible and set the thermostat to best warm or cool but being energy efficient.
The taps and shower heads in our house have water-reducing regulators.
I get a long life out of my clothes and shoes and/or when no longer used I donate them to thrift stores or other who can get value from them.
I have chickens for home grown eggs and/or a beehive for honey.
We grow some of our own vegetables and herbs.
I minimise air travel and when I take a flight, I accept the carbon offset option.
When I travel I pack my own shampoo and other toiletries rather than use miniature hotel bottles.
When I stay in hotels, I choose not to have towels and sheets changed every day.
I purchase only 100% renewable electricity.
I collect rainwater to use for watering the garden.
I have solar power or solar hot water installed
I drive a hybrid or electric car.
I volunteer with an environmental organization.
I donate to an environmental charity and/or I am a member of one.
I am a member of an environmental charity or campaign.