Even if you have just started taking small steps and you do anything on the list below, get on the directory and get seen. 


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Do any one or more of these and you are in:

Recycle as much material as we can that is used by our business.
Where practical we choose products and produce with least amount of packaging to be used in the running of our business. And we use alternatives to plastics where we can.
Offer a discount to customers who bring a reusable takeaway cup.
Use local products whenever practical.
Provide tap water as an alternative to bottled water.
Provide non-plastic drinking straws or reusable drinking straws in our food outlets.
Provide non-plastic cutlery and/or plates for take aways.
Use non plastic fully compostable lids and cups for take aways.
Use non-plastic, non-polystyrene/Styrofoam take-away containers.
Use seasonal produce to best support local suppliers.
Grow some of the ingredients used on site.
Fully or partially power our business through renewable energy sources.
We do not buy water in plastic bottles.
Use energy and water saving technology in our facilities, for example, LED lighting and low flow shower roses.
Turn off all non-essential powered items when not in use.
Use environmentally friendly cleaning products.
All staff are trained and informed in recycling, waste minimisation and energy efficiency - it is part of our culture to be mindful of the environment.
Encourage employees to use low-impact travel options to get to work (e.g. public transport, bicycles or walking)
We have second-hand furniture where it works in with our style.
Sell, use or promote ethically sourced and sustainable products.
Offer vegetarian or vegan meal options
Grow some of the ingredients used on site
Use hybrid or electric cars.
Offset our carbon emissions by ...
Compost food waste.
When travelling we prefer hotels listed on Sustainable Social - if none listed in the area we suggest they consider that.
Support or sponsor local community efforts to improve environmental sustainability
Allow a staff member/s one/x hours per week/year, in work time, to volunteer for Sustainable Social or other environmental purpose.
Often add general posts, like I would to Facebook, to Sustainable Social page, so we all see sustainability as part of our daily lives rather than something special.
Donate a percentage of profits to an environmentally focused charity