Of course, it is impossible to accurately display the exact count of plastic picked up by people and organisations that have made a commitment on the platform. And it is not practical nor accurate to ask people to report.  So, we have chosen to approximate and well underestimate.  The count is made up of:
Individuals who have committed to pick up a number of plastics in their normal routine going to or from their café, work, school or other place.  The is maximum entry there of 10 on the trip and many will pick up more.  That is balanced by some people who have made a commitment may not be achieving their commitment.
Organisations who have committed one or many people to spend either twenty minutes per week or one hour per month to pick up plastics and keep their part of the world more free of plastic.  You can see in teh organisations Page if they have made this optional commitment.  One school, for example, picked up over 10,000 plastics in an hour but then on the other hand some organisations will be a low count or may forget their commitment.  We also have groups doing many more sessions than the once a week or month. So, we simply decided to allocate 9000 per month per organisation that has made the commitment. Our apology to those of you who feel it should be a greater number – your efforts are appreciated - but it is better for our credibility to significantly underestimate rather than be questionable.