The founder of Sustainable Social is a Rotarian, hence the special category for Rotary on the platform.

Sustainability is big news in Rotary.  It is already attracting new and younger members. Here are a couple of ideas for you and your club to build on that opportunity.

A simple community project to make a difference, increase your club's visibility in the community and attract new members. 

  • Invite members meet at the same outdoor place and same time once a month. Perhaps, 8:00 AM 1st Saturday of the month in the local park. 
  • Together go for a one hour walk to pick up some plastics - individuals bring bags to take the rubbish home is an easy option or nearby facility may accept the rubbish. Sure, wear gloves and take care. Of course, if you have a Rotary shirt, wear it and show Rotary is contributing to a more sustainable world.
  • Invite the community to join with you, perhaps a sign at the local coffee shop. You may even find see young families joining you - nice - sustainabily is a great opportunity for Rotary to connect with young people.
  • Then go for a coffee after - fun, fellowship and new people get to know the fun, cool people that are Rotary.
  • Two people is all you need to have this as a club project. So, if you propose this to your club, simply say, "Who wants to do it?" If two people put their hands up - you have a club project - simple as that and watch it grow. 
THE KEY: keep it simple! An hour is plenty, then go for a coffee, have fun and laugh a lot.  Sure, some club members will want to do it for longer and more often - wonderful, but do that on other days - keep the monthly one hour as your focal point or project anchor and this initiative is then sure to be a growing success for your club.

A small part of the planet will have less plastic and wildlife protected because of your club.  Others will take an interest and that's an opportunity for new members.


This video details the plastics initiative and other simple actions your club may consider to deliver on Rotary's new area of focus.


Have a club member be the sustainability representative, to give a monthly report about Rotary sustainability activities. Perhaps an occasional press release to engage your community.  Sponsor a member to join ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group) - it's only $30.  Their newsletter keeps your club up to date with the new focus. 

Let's share your Rotary sustainability projects 

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The Plastic Pick Up is part of our Plastic Free Oceans initiative