Sustainability is big news in Rotary.  It is already attracting new and younger members. Sustainable Social's founder is a Rotarian, hence a category on this platform exclusively for Rotary.

Share your projects 

Here is a short video introducing a new feature on Sustainable Social that your club can use to share its projects to increase impact and capture attention outside the club.  If you would like us to help you get started, send your details 

A quick introduction to other features you can have on your page.  It's as easy as editing a Facebook page:

Here is the example page used in the above video, have click around it: Rotary Club of Corrimal


And here are 3 things your club can do to immediately deliver on the new area of focus: 

  1. Have a club member be your sustainability representative, to give a monthly report about Rotary sustainability activities. 
  2. Sponsor a member to join ESRAG (Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group) - it's only $30.  Their newsletter keeps your club up to date with the new focus. 
  3. Start this simple project: Invite members meet at 8:00 AM on the 1st Saturday of each month and go for a one hour walk to pick up some plastics. Two people is all you need to have this as a club project - it will grow. Invite the community and you may gain new members.  Keep it simple and inviting - an hour is plenty - then go for a coffee afterwards - fun and a neat fellowship opportunity.  A small patch on the planet will have less plastic and wildlife protected because of your club.  It's that simple - of course work out details to best suit members - and you can publish the project on your Sustainable Social page.


Perhaps, form a sustainability committee and consider other projects.  Maybe apply the 5 point sustainability checklist  to club activities. Even an occasional press release to engage your community. 

For a limited period, we will set up a Sustainable Social page for you - send details including web and social media links. 

We understand Rotary's charitable purposes. So, in your Page you can hide the Sustainable Social donate button and add your button in the contacts panel to direct visitors where you want them to go.