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Yanuca Island School  (2405 Suva)


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On Yanuca Island (near the larger, Beqa Island) has a primary school where 5 teacher’s hold classes for 55 students ranging from kindergarten to year 8.

The school has a small two panel solar system, that functions in the day and lasts a short period in the evenings (as the batteries are coming to end of life). That system is useful for charging devices. Wiring is non-existent in some areas and in others, old and
unsafe. The school will receive a 4980W solar system supported by new wiring lighting and power points to the all the rooms. The new power circuit will be extended approximately 150m to the teachers’ homes that will also be fitted out with new wiring, LED lights and power points. The homes do have small two panel systems that are modestly functional and supplemented by kerosene lanterns. In light of the short expected battery life of those systems, we will upgrade the wiring systems to the homes and provide long term reliable 24-hour power.

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Donor - Anonymous

And as always a big thank you to our equipment, service and general sponsors.

-, Yanuca Yanuca Island Fiji

Our school commits to have a group of students spend at least 15 minutes, most weeks, picking up plastics. So, we keep our small patch on the earth as free of plastic as possible - its a small action we do to protect marine and other wildlife. We hope all schools in the world join us in doing the same.

CO2 & $s

DC Coupled

Victron MultiPlus-II/5000

Jinko Tiger 415

Roof mounted
Clenergy PV-ezRACK Solar Roof

Simpliphi PHI 3.8
Boss 6 Cabinet

The school classrooms, office and library areas have been rewired. An approximate 150m new circuit will connect the school solar system to 5 teachers’ homes that will also be rewired. All receiving new LED lighting and power sockets. 4 amp breakers are installed into the teachers' homes - this limits appliances to a maximum 960 watts (so no electric cook tops etc.), but capacity to use modest sized electrical appliances. That power limiting strategy means effective use of a reasonably sized school solar system and all in the community are very happy to have this level of 24-hour power supply.


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