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Sure you will find a wide range of beer, wine and spirits at East Corrimal Cellars, but you will so find that we are doing our best to look after the environment. Drop in and say hi.



For sustainability

We have set up a Boomerang bag point at the so customers can take a reusable bag instead of plastic and use it over and over. The bags are made by Tracey, a customer from nearby. They are made from donated linen. It is really cool to be involved in doing seeming worthwhile like this in our local community. Here is Boomerang https://boomerangbags.org
We have put a small donation box on the counter that customers have embraced. Sure it helps the cause, but it's also a nice way for customers engage if they feel like putting in some of their change.
We are careful to recycle as much as we possibly can.
We do not have a lot of control over the packaging of our products, but where practical we choose business supplies with the least amount of packaging. And we will be reminding suppliers when we can to consider the environment.
We have a poster on the front of the shop showing Plastic Free Oceans and Boomerang.



East Corrimal Cellars

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3/17 Murray Rd, East Corrimal NSW 2518 Australia

Phone: 02 4284 3348

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