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Initiative started in June 2018. Monthly cleanup. Resorts, shops, the local bus company support the initiative and of course the locals, primarily schools kids. Dr. Antonio Lalabalavu (private doctor on Taveuni and Member of Parliament since last election) supports the initiative and mentioned it both last year and this year in his opening speech. He and his family are actively taking part in the cleanups.

  • Jone is the face of the campaign, some call him now Ratu Benu. As a local, he could start with „name and shame“, showing pictures of houses and shops backyards or fronts full of rubbish. Now we are in a stage where we are appraising good behaviour, but still show the pictures of the cleanups (before/after). His counterpart, organising the volunteers on Taveuni, is Katoni.
  • Cooperating also with Rotary, who set up the „no littering signs“ and Aroha who organised the rubbish bins
  • Meridian Store is always providing their truck for collecting the bags and offer juice to the volunteers
  • Resort guests are regularly take part in the cleanups.
  • Jone developed the logo for the camaign. We produced T-Shirts for the volunteers and a banner. The idea was that the other supporters (shops, resorts) all contribute, but we only got 300 FJD from Ronna (Coconut Grove) and covered around 2,500 FJD ourselves.
  • We also produced organic cotton shopping bags, hoping to sell them to fund the T-shirts or refreshments for the volunteers.



Cleanup Taveuni

Wairiki, Wairiki Tavuni Fiji

Phone: +679 7258167, +679 7258184

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