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We can all take small steps and together make a big difference toward a more sustainable world. A world that is becoming more fragile by the day and needs us all to take action..




I commit to pick up at least this many plastics annually:  
My volunteeered hours for sustainability since July 2018:



For sustainability I:

I’m in. I have put my dot on the map. Let’s all do that and be part of the solution to plastic free oceans.
try to find businesses that support Plastic Free Oceans. Sooooo, if you want my business – get on board.
take all reasonable steps to recycle plastic waste.
aim to purchase products and food with the least possible plastic packaging.
do not buy water in plastic bottle - the exception is a couple of remote areas overseas with warning the water is contaminated - then I will try and refill with boiled water.
ask for non-plastic drinking straws or say none at all.
avoid single-use plastic bags where ever possible.
take my reusable cup to the cafe. But most often take the time to sit and enjoy it from a cup.
have LEDs for most of our lighting.

You In?

Total hours donated by VOLUNTEERS

That's the estimated plastics picked up by Individuals and Organisations annually

It is so easy to help keep your little patch of our planet a bit less plastic. And put a dot on the map so others follow the lead. Join us?

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