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In galle and focused on the villages: Rathgama, Madampe, Hikkaduwa, Baddegama. The is working with some villagers with their own support, such as revolving funds and income generation.

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Plastic Pick up Activity

Started: 2022 Status: Ongoing
One or more of our team spends at least 15 minutes each week (or at least one hour each month) picking up plastics in our area. So, we keep our small part of the earth as free of plastic as possible - it's a small action we do to protect marine and other wildlife. We hope all businesses and organisations in the world will join us in doing the same.

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Galle Southern Fisheries Organization

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Devineegoda, Rathgama Galle Sri Lanka

Phone: Dulip Rangajeewa 773184530

You In?

That's the estimated plastics picked up by Individuals and Organisations annually

It is so easy to help keep your little patch of our planet a bit less plastic. And put a dot on the map so others follow the lead. Join us?


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