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Whether it’s a kick start to a conference or a high energy wake ’em up after lunch, here’s a massively entertaining session for your people to focus on looking after themselves. ‘It’s All About You’ is relevant to every audience member and a sure fire highlight talked about long in to the future.




What’s the flight attendant say? Yes: “When the oxygen mask falls from the roof we must put it on ourselves before we help others.” In the pressure cooker of our business and private lives many of us forget the easy day-to-day things to look after ourselves. The session is fun and motivating, but it’s not all hype. People leave with a swag of immediate actions to perform and feel their best when looking after customers, peers, staff and family

  • Being resilient, being a leader, being a parent, being healthy, being a team member, being an environmental citizen. What’s important to you and your people? Most often it’s the small day to day actions that make all the difference to our performance, personally and professionally. They leave with with ‘Ah! Got it. Easy. I’ll do it’. They are more effective and enjoy a higher quality of life.
  • High performance business depends on balanced high performance people – yes? In the pace of modern business it’s easy to forget that people’s well-being is the essential ingredient for living the life they want. Effectiveness, personally and professionally, depends largely on our well-being, attitude and how we feel. It’s a prerequisite for sustained high performance.
  • And it’s safe. If you are booking a speaker you want the audience to say you made a great choice – yes? The session is a heap of fun with much take away valuebut in an environment that is completely safe, relevant to and respectful of everyone in the audience. That skill has been crafted over twenty years and is one reason why feedback is overwhelmingly positive.
  • Rob founded this Plastic Free Oceans platform and is now regularly being asked to speak on the topic. Usually as a 10 to 30 minute extra session about how individuals can engage and how businesses can engage, not only ads good environmental citizens and CSR, but also use the environment for genuine commercial advantage.
  • “A must have speaker Brilliant, entertaining and inspiring, you can’t help but take notice. He blew them away and his message was so effectively our delegates were moved to take action immediately.” Darrell Weekes, Director of Strategy, Attache Software.
  • "We had an inkling of Rob’s high energy approach, but nothing prepared us for the impact he had on delegates. His rich content and dynamic delivery is still resounding throughout our community.” Susan Houston, CEO, Economic Development New Zealand
  • “Rob’s session was fantastic I loved the fact that we talked about something completely different. It was a great way to start the conference.” Kristiana Greenwood, Chairman, Facility Management Association of Australia
  • “I was searching for something different to offer my sales team at our national conference. He was engaging, funny, personable, serious and made sense to a team of over-achievers who didn’t always look after themselves! The team loved him and his message and I recommend him to anyone who wants to let their staff know that they are valued!” Karen Lake, National Sales Manager, McMillian Publishing.
  • "I have to say thanks again. I have had such great feedback from your session. Never had that level of enthusiasm.” Jo-Anne Reeves, General Manager, Disability Services Australia
  • “Your presentation was absolutely brilliant! It was without a shadow of a doubt, the best presentation I’ve seen in my career.” Adam Lewer, Teacher, Gosford High School

For sustainability

aim to purchase products and produce with the least plastic packaging
take all reasonable steps to recycle plastic waste.
when travelling prefer hotels listed on Plastic Free Oceans - I encourage them to list.
sure fill my own coffee cups where possible if it is a takeaway
do not buy water in plastic bottles.
have installed solar power and hot water.
have LEDs for most of our lighting.
drive a hybrid car.
donate to Plastic Free Oceans.

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One or more of our team spends at least 15 minutes each week (or at least one hour each month) picking up plastics in our area. So, we keep our small part of the earth as free of plastic as possible - it's a small action we do to protect marine and other wildlife. We hope all businesses and organisations in the world will join us in doing the same.

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